Nature, wealth, and positivity—they all originate with the colour green and that’s what we’ve named as the colour of the month for March.  

Okay, we admit, when it comes to nails, green might not be the first colour that comes to mind. But believe it or not, green is believed to be one of the most relaxing colours for the human eye to see. And we’re used to seeing it—the calming colour is dominant on the spectrum of light humans can see. We use green to represent energy, safety, peace and more. Maybe that’s why we’re always looking for greener pastures. But, how do we get trendy nails that are green and not ghoulish? 

Try something bright and bold, like lime or emerald. Or, soften your choices with a soothing mint pastel, or greeny-blue seafoam that screams spring. Prefer to stick to dark and vampy? We’ve got you covered. Look for deep greens like moss or crocodile. If you’re really ready to go green, grab your top three faves and create a custom camo print manicure.

Let’s not forget the luck of the Irish with this one, either! Stay tried and true with a festive Saint Patrick’s Day themed set of nails. Add a four-leaf clover or rock a sparkly pot of gold while you’re out on the town.

No matter what look you create, we’re sure you’ll have your friends green with envy over your nifty nails.