💖New Addition to the CjS Family!!💖

We recently released a new Bling-Cubed Stamper to the CjS family and this week's blog is focusing on using it. The new shape was created due to the request of some of our dedicated stamping users. The new cube shape is great for full nail coverage. It is also great because the long, narrow shape allows you to stamp on demo tips without the stamper touching the nail beside the one you're working on.

This week's looks were created by using the new Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plate CjS-LC-66 "For the Love of Swirls" which is a collaborative plate with @fificrossnails.

And all of the stamping polish colors used are from our 7pc Neon Stamping Polish Collection!

First step was to prep 5 demo nails by applying 2 coats of KoKo & Claire 049 Frosting gel polish and curing in between each coat for 60 seconds.

Stamping on a smooth surface is the most effective way of stamping and to insure the entire design will attach itself to the nail. If you stamp onto a rough, buffed nail, it may not adhere to the nail and if it does, the image will look textured and not crisp. If you're wanting that kind of textured look, then great!

Our first design, we used the Neon Purple for the main design and the Neon Blue and Neon Pink for the inserts and #1 More Like 1AM for the wording!

The next design, we used the Neon Green stamping polish for the one design and the Neon Peach stamping polish for the curly swirls. The word was stamped with #1 More Like 1AM.

The third design was stamped using Neon Purple, Neon Yellow and Neon Orange for the swirls and #1 More Like 1AM for the wording.

The next design was created using an ombre technique that involves using more than one nail stamping polish on the same design. On this pattern, we applied a line of Neon Pink then a line of Neon Yellow below it and then a row of Neon Green below that and, finally, a line of Neon Blue. Scrape the excess stamping polish off of the design and, voila, you have an ombre'd look.

Last, but not least, we used Neon Purple and Neon Peach to achieve another ombre'd look with a swirl design and then stamped the CjS logo along with @fificrossnails using #1 More Like 1AM.

This complete look is so fun and colorful and it was so fun to create. You could have 100 people use the same layered stamping plate and they would all come up with completely different looks. This is what the completed set looks like!

We challenge you to create some designs with this layered stamping plate and post them on social media. Always be sure to TAG the photo(s) with @clearjellystamper by tapping on the photo itself. By doing so, we will be sure to see the photos and share them on our IG page. Happy Stamping my Friends!! 💖