Nail Gift Ideas for Her, Easy Holiday Nail Art for You

Are you busy hunting for nail gift ideas for all the nail art lovers in your life? Treat yourself first to these easy-to-do Christmas-inspired nail designs. 


This time of year can be so busy. There always seems to be so much to do, and oftentimes so little time to squeeze it all in. Between running errands and decorating the tree to searching for nail gift ideas for the fingernail artists in your life, you may find yourself scrambling to get your own holiday mani finished up. First, grab yourself a Big Bling Boxed Kit for Stacey, the one friend of yours who always sports flawless fingernails and dedicates huge amounts of time to achieving them. Next, show off your amazing nail designs attained using these great nail art hacks. She’s going to love the gift almost as much as your list of tips. 


  1. Super Simple Yet Stunning Christmas Trees

This nail hack is a must do. If you’ve been dreaming of flawless nails that not only put you in the holiday spirit, but everyone around you too, then you need to try out this super simple design. Begin with a base nail polish colour of your choice; something muted would probably work best. Then using tape, create a triangle on your fingertips with the base of the triangle beginning at the end of your fingertip and the point reaching up towards your cuticle. Paint the triangle green, remove the tape, add some chunky glitter to the green triangle, and voila – you’ve got yourself a festive geometric Christmas tree. To add a little more wow, apply a star-shaped jewel to the point. 


  1. Find Some Festive Washi Tape 

Washi tape can be really fun to use, especially when it comes to easy nail art. Start by choosing a tape with fun shapes then begin by painting your fingernail a base colour that complements the tape you’ve chosen. Once dry, snip out some of the design elements on the tape, press to your dry fingernails, then apply a glossy topcoat to hold everything in place. This design will look like you spent hours creating it when in reality, you actually spent less than 10 minutes, and that includes drying time. Washi tape also makes an excellent nail kit gift for the nail art lovers on your Christmas list.


  1. Simple Nail Stamps

If you absolutely love your nail stamper and plates, you can still use them on the fly when you’re a little pressed for time. Just skip the base coat and stamp a pattern or image directly onto your nail using one colour. You can save even more time with a quick stamp with your Clear Jelly Stamper on just one nail. It’s the perfect feature nail creation created in just moments. Who knew nail stamping could be considered a nail art hack?


  1. Stick With Polish

Sometimes, less really is more. Skip the nail art tools and grab your favourite holiday hued nail polish. If you’re really running short on time, give your nails a quick coat of polish, dip your tips in chilled water to instantly dry the polish, and get on your way. If you find yourself with more time later, you can always embellish your fingertips later on.


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