Nail Art Stamping Plates for Any Nail Shape and Size

 Check out these nail art stamping plates that are perfect for any nail size or shape.

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Round, oval, square, almond, coffin, and stiletto are just a few of the most popular nail shapes being spotted on tips around the country. However, when it comes to nail art stamping plates, some nail shapes may be more difficult to work with than others. If you’ve got your eye on a certain shape but aren’t sure if your stamping plates will work with you or against you, fear not. We’ve compiled a list of trendy nail shapes and the plates that work with them.


Pair Your Favourite Shape with the Perfect Nail Art Stamping Plate


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Square Nails – Easily one of the most common shapes, square nails are perfect for any event. From casual to black tie affair, square nails won’t disappoint. Square nails are a practical choice among low-maintenance ladies, and they’re also the perfect canvas for any sized stamping plate.

The plate – With square nails, you can achieve any design you want. From detailed and scenic masterpieces to your favourite pattern, a square nail can handle it. We recommend Mermaid Doodle #1 and Mermaid Doodle #2.



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Almond Nails – This nail shape can be easily manipulated into showcasing any design you’ve got your eye on. Because the point isn’t as dramatic as a stiletto tip, there’s a lot of room for stamping.

The plate - Almond-shaped nails are classically beautiful and typically demand a more romantic design. We recommend sticking to stamping plates that showcase floral designs, like Renaissance Rose.


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Round Nails – Another nail-shape classic, round nails are probably the most common tip shape on the block. They’re also great for hosting any style of design. They’re also fantastic for giving short fingers a more elongated look, and they’re super easy to maintain at home.

The plate – Round nails are great for bright and bold designs since the simple shape doesn’t take any attention away from the design itself. Put your best nail forward with an edgy design. We love the Summer Fun nail stamping plate.


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Coffin nails – This relatively new nail shape is taking the nail art industry by storm. It’s edgy and requires a lot of maintenance; however, this style is a showstopper when paired with simple nail art designs.

The plates – Don’t get too crazy when decorating these eye-catching tips. Instead, choose a simple design that doesn’t overpower the nail design itself. Choose an accent nail and apply a super simple design on each hand. Any mini nail art stamping plate will do, but our favourite is the MINI Sea and Stars Doodle plate. 


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Stiletto Nails – Just like coffin nails, this nail shape is a statement on its own. It can be fairly tricky to maintain the shape at home, so book a standing appointment at your favourite salon to keep these tips looking their best. 

The plates – Stick with patterns or small designs for these stunners. Patterns will add flair without looking too busy. We love the Perfect Prints; by Chrissie Pearce plate.


Don’t Forget to Focus on Your Nail Care too

If your nail shape fluctuates as much as your nail designs, nail care should be a top priority. For some tips of the trade, check out our previous post: Spring Nail Designs Basics: Refresh that Tired Nail Kit.


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