Clear Jelly Stamper never fails to disappoint when it comes to bringing us new & fun plates for every occasion of the year and this St Patrick's Day is no exception.  These 2 new plates are for all the Irish people in your life whether they are on the conservative side or the wild, crazy side of the Irish! The looks for this week's blog were so fun to do!  All of the following designs were created with KoKo & Claire gel polish colors for the base of the designs and all of the stamping was done with the CjS The Original & Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper, layered stamping plates and CjS stamping polishes.

This beautiful, yet simple design, was accomplished by using KoKo & Claire's gel polish #59 "Tin Roof....Rusted!" as the base coat. After curing the gel polish, even though it's a tack free gel, wipe the nail off before stamping to remove any residue that might still be there.  We used stamping plate CjSH-49 "Celtic" for this design. Use the picture card that comes with the stamping plate for guidance. You don't have to do the pictures exactly as illustrated as you can see in this design.  Use your imagination and create your own look!  CjS Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polishes used: #01 "More Like 1AM" and #03 "All That Glitters".

We used KoKo & Claire gel polish #61 "Juke Box Monkey" as the base color. Then using images from CjS Clear Jelly Stamping plate CjSH-49 "Celtic", we layered some of the wording layered over the full nail design that is on the plate.  For the full nail design, we used CjS stamping polish #24 "Copper Rose" first and then the outline we used #01 "More Like 1AM".  Then we chose a few of the words from the plate and randomly stamped them using #02 "Jenny's Gonna Love It".

Ooooooo this design is sooooo pretty and it turned out really well. The base color used for this design is KoKo & Claire gel polish #50 "Total Eclipse". We chose a variety of the Celtic symbols from Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plate CjSH-49 "Celtic" and placed them randomly all over the nail. For the base design, we just used the outline of the full nail design and stamped it using CjS stamping polish #44 "Sassy Monster". Then for the symbols, we used #24 "Copper Rose", #03 "All That Glitters" and then stamped all the outlines with #02 "Jenny's Gonna Love It".

Last, but not least, from Clear Jelly Stamping plate CjSH-49 "Celtic", we chose another simple yet cute design. The base color used for this design is KoKo & Claire gel polish #7 "Citrus Sun". The cross was stamped with CjS stamping polish #14 "Peachy Keen Jelly Bean" and outlined with #24 "Copper Rose".  The clover swirls were stamped with #01 "More Like 1AM" and then the clovers were stamped with CjS stamping polish #38 "Mystic Moss".

Now let's move onto the other adorable St Patrick's Day plate that we came out with!

Ahhh the luck of the Irish! This design is so cute. The base color used for the nail is KoKo & Claire gel polish #80 "7-up". What a fun and bright color!! Using Clear Jelly Stamping plate CjSH-50 "Feeling Lucky", we stamped the base design using stamping polishes #02 "Jenny's Gonna Love It" and #12 "Glee Tree Green". The big clover leaf in the middle of the nail was stamped with CjS stamping polish #03 "All That Glitters" and outlined with stamping polish #01 "More Like 1AM".  Then we finished off the design by stamping 'Feeling Lucky' & 'Luck O The Irish' using stamping polish #01 "More Like 1AM".

How adorable is this design?! The legs of a leprechaun popping out from underneath a four leaf clover. The base color on the nail is KoKo & Claire gel polish #49 "Frosting". Start by stamping the leprechaun legs using CjS Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polish #03 "All That Glitters" for the boots. Then stamp the buckles and part of the socks using #14 "Peachy Keen Jelly Bean". These are together in one stamp but that's not to say you can't use separate colors for both. We used the same color for both. Then stamp the other stripes of the socks using #12 "Glee Tree Green". Then stamp the outline with #01 "More Like 1AM".  Then you can choose a four leaf clover to stamp at the top of the legs making it look like they are peeking out from underneath the clover. We used #38 "Mystic Moss" for the clover and then #01 "More Like 1AM" for the outline. Then we finished off the design by stamping 'Saint Patrick' in stamping polish #01 "More Like 1AM" and #12 "Glee Tree Green" for the hat.

This nail has a variety of images on it. The base color on the nail is KoKo & Claire gel polish #06 "Ray of Sunshine". Using the full nail stamping design with the clover leaves and horseshoes, we did this with an ombre effect.  The way to accomplish that is to paint the design using a few different stamping polish colors randomly all over the design and then scrape it. This is a cool effect that can be used with any design and any colors.  Have fun with it!  The CjS Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polishes we used to accomplish this was #24 "Copper Rose", #14 "Peachy Keen Jelly Bean" & #38 "Mystic Moss".  Then we used the same clover leaf design and stamped it 6 times randomly all over.  We stamped the clover using stamping polish #12 "Glee Tree Green" and then outlined them using #01 "More Like 1AM". Then we isolated the word 'Irish' and stamped it to fill in the empty spaces.  This is simple but very cute.

This last design is another simple but cute design. A 'burst" of clover to finish off our designs. The base color used is KoKo & Claire gel polish #62 "Love Shack Baby". We stamped the 3 leaf clover designs in the top and bottom corners using #12 "Glee Tree Green" & outlined in #01 "More Like 1AM". There are mirrored images of this design. Then we used the sunburst clover design for the middle of the nail. Stamping polish #12 "Glee Tree Green" was used for the background color and then #01 "More Like 1AM" for the inside design of the clover and the burst surrounding it.

It was so fun creating these designs and I hope you will get your St Patrick's Day plates and start creating some Irish love and share it with us!  Please post on Instagram and TAG us @clearjellystamper so that we can see and share your designs. The great thing about our layering plates is that there are so many possibilities and we love to see everyone's creativity.
Happy Stamping My Friends!!!!