💖Let's Troubleshoot💖

where people are free to post their design ideas and a great family of people to help with troubleshooting ideas. Lately I have been noticing a lot of the same issues and I wanted to take this time to address some of them. There is nothing we want more than to make sure our customers are happy and comfortable using our products. Here are some of the common issues.

Why am I having trouble picking up fine lines with my stamper?

☑️The most common reason for not being able to pick up fine lines is PRESSURE..PRESSURE..PRESSURE! I can't emphasize this enough. The proper pressure involves rolling your stamper over the image with a "feathery" touch. It should feel like you're not even touching the plate. 
☑️Clean your stamping plate very well with CjS Plate Cleaner until it squeaks. Sometimes there can be leftover stamping polish dried in the image that you can't see. You can also use acetone if you don't have plate cleaner.
☑️There cannot be any airflow around you of any kind. That includes a fan, heat/ac vent or a breeze coming in from a window. Because the images are so fine, they will dry faster if there is air blowing.
☑️If you are sitting next to a window and the sun is beaming in, the heat can speed up the drying process as well. This also applies to an overhead light. Some desk lamps let off a lot of heat. 
☑️Your jelly may need changing. Over time, your jelly will break down and need to be replaced. Try washing it with soap & water first. Sometimes this will restore it to its' original stickiness. If it doesn't, then it's time to replace it.

QUESTION: How do I get images to line up properly especially when there are quite a few pieces to the image?

☑️Every stamping plate comes with a spec sheet to assist you with how the finished image is supposed to look. Take a bit of time to figure out what goes where. You can practice using the plate on demo nails or a piece of paper before applying it to a client.
☑️If the image has an outline, stamp the outline first and then fill it in like a 'color by number' pic. Then stamp the outline again at the end and you have a perfect image. 
☑️Practice makes perfect my friends!

QUESTION: Why am I having voids in my bigger images and why do I sometimes have tiny, bubble-like voids in some of my smaller images?

☑️If you are using a large stamping plate and, when you scrape the stamping polish off, the middle of the image is missing polish, all you need to remember is to push down the plate before scraping. The stamping plates have a slight bow to them so you need to push it flat to the table and then scrape.
☑️Work on a hard, flat surface so that you can push the stamping plate flat. If you work on a towel, manicure pad or anything soft, you can't push it flat.
☑️Make sure your scraper is completely clean and free of dried stamping polish. If there is even a tiny bit of dried polish on the end, it will scratch out part of the design.
☑️When scraping the stamping polish off, hold the scraper the long way and use the belly of the scraper rather than standing it straight up especially for large backgrounds. 
☑️If you are seeing tiny, bubble-like voids, try applying your nail stamping polish in one direction and scraping in the opposite direction.
☑️Make sure your stamping plate is squeaky clean.

QUESTION: Why does my stamping polish seem watery when I apply it to the
stamping plate?

☑️Our nail stamping polish is similar to regular nail polish in that it will separate in the bottle over time if it's not used for awhile. We sell mixing marbles that work great. Put one marble in the bottle and shake well and you're good to go.

QUESTION: My stamping polish seems to have thickened up in the bottle and my stamper won't pick it up? Is there a way to thin it out?

☑️Over time, stamping polish will start to thicken especially our Metallic nail stamping polish. Our CjS Polish Thinner works great. Start with putting in 1 drop, add a mixing marble, shake well and check the consistency. Put in another drop if it is still too thick. Be careful not to put in too much because you
can thin it out too much. It's possible to thin it out but it is not possible to thicken it back up.

I hope this information helps you out with some of your struggles. Click HERE to ask to join our VIP group on Facebook. It's a great way to interact with other CjS lovers and a great place to get ideas for designs. If you have any questions, you can email myself at education@clearjellystamper.com.
Stay safe and Happy Stamping My Friends!!💖
With Gratitude,