In today's Blog, we are going to talk about helping you line up the stamping images so that you get a nice, clean picture on the nail.  All of our nail stamping images have 3 or more pieces to a finished image. Because of this, it can prove to be a bit challenging to line things up. Every layered stamping plate comes with a card that shows what the finished image looks like but it can still be difficult to be exact.  Being a little off is not a big deal and it can actually add a unique look to your art but we have a little trick that can help.

Nail #1

This nail was painted with KoKo&Claire gel polish #53 Vintage Denim and then KoKo&Claire gel polish #21 Holo I Love You. We used an image from CjS Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plate #CjS-129 Surf's Up!-California. It's the time of year when people are escaping the cold and travelling somewhere warm and tropical so why not stamp your nails with tropical love? The first step is to stamp your outline first. Be sure to stamp it with the same color that you plan on stamping it with in the end. For this design, we used #01 More Like 1AM stamping polish.

Nail #2

Once you stamp the outline, now you can start to fill in the parts of the images piece by piece. We chose CjS Clear Jelly Stamper #20 Copper Hint for the moon and the ground. This piece of the picture is stamped together but you don't have to use just one color. You can put a dab of one color of stamping polish for the moon and a different stamping polish color for the ground and then scrape it off and pick them both up. We only used one color for both in this nail art design.

Nail #3

Next step was to choose a stamping polish color for the body of the van. We used #12 Glee Tree Green CjS Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polish. You can slowly start to see the picture coming together.

Nail #4

We chose CjS Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polish #32 Blue Right on By for the last part of the image before doing the final outline again. Now that you've stamped in all the pieces of the image, use the same stamping polish that you used to stamp the outline when you started. Using stamping polish #01 More Like 1AM and stamp the outline again.

Nail #5

Voila!! Now the image is complete and it's matched up perfectly. I hope this has proven to be helpful for you and it helps you create amazing nail art.  Please share your stamping creations with us on our Instagram @clearjellystamper and be sure to tag us! We are always here to help so if you ever have any questions, please message us because we are her to help. Happy Stamping my friends!