It's that time again! I have been reading a lot of the same comments and issues on Social Media outlets about using Clear Jelly Stamper products effectively. I am here to go through some of the most common troubleshooting ideas.

ISSUE: I am having trouble picking up fine images onto my stamper.

💖 You may not be using enough stamping polish. Apply a generous amount to the image and scrape.
💖 You may have an air source nearby like a fan, heating duct, air conditioner, etc that could be causing your stamping polish to dry too quickly after scraping it. The slightest amount of air can dry it quickly.
💖 Do you have an overhead light that emits a lot of heat? That will dry out the polish quicker than normal as well.
💖 The polish may have thickened in the bottle and needs to be thinned out a bit. The Metallic nail stamping polishes are more prone to this.
💖 The biggest issue that causes images not to be lifted is the technique. It is very important to roll your CjS stamper from side to side or top to bottom with a "FEATHERY" touch. It should feel like you're not even touching the plate. The shape of your jelly should not change. If it does, then you are squishing it and it will not pick up the image.

Please DO NOT buff your jelly. That might be needed for other competing brands but not our Original Clear Jelly Stamper. If you cannot pick up images, please contact us so we can help.

ISSUE: I got the image transferred to my Clear Jelly Stamper but it won't stick to the nail.

💖 You may have left it on the stamper a little too long. The longer it is on the stamper, the longer you hold it onto the nail. It should eventually transfer.
💖 If you apply a layered stamping image to a nail that has just been shaped, filed and buffed (eg. gel nail), it is advised to apply a tack free top coat before stamping. Stamping onto a buffed nail might not stick or it will make the image look grainy instead of crisp. If you want a grainy look, then you might like it!
💖 I have noticed, with experience, that when I try to stamp on top of some tack free Matte top coats, the image won't adhere. A shiny tack free works best to stamp on and then if you want a Matte look, you can put a coat of that on top of your stamping.

ISSUE: I am finding that my top coat is pulling away from parts of my stamped images.

💖 The Clear Jelly Stamper leaves a residue on the whole nail when stamping. The best way to prevent this from happening is, you take a dry wipe and really scrub the nail after you have stamped it. Don't worry because the image is dry as soon as you stamp it so it won't smear or come off. Scrubbing the nail with a dry wipe will remove any residue left behind and your top coat shouldn't pull away.

ISSUE: I have voids when I scrape the stamping polish off of the plate.

💖 If they are tiny voids that look like air pocket bubbles, you can help to prevent this by applying your nail stamping polish onto the layered stamping plate in one direction and scraping the excess off in the opposite direction.
💖 If there are large voids, you may not be pushing the plate flat before scraping. All of the large stamping plates are bowed a little. Make sure to be doing your stamping on a hard flat surface so that you can push the plate completely flat. 
💖 You may have to clean off your scraper. Even the smallest amount of dried stamping polish on the edge can take a gouge out of your image.

ISSUE: I keep trying to scrape the stamping polish off clean but it keeps leaving too many smear marks.

💖 When you pull a new scraper out of the box, you'll need to condition it. They are made in large quantities and are machine cut in the factory. Take a fine buffing block or nail file and gently file the 4 sides. That will remove the tiny plastic shards.
💖 Don't worry too much about the smears on the plate. The stamper will likely not pick those up because they are likely dry instantly because they are sitting higher than the etched image. It's quite amazing actually. I find this is one thing that frustrates a lot of users because they think they have to scrape an image completely clean.

ISSUE: My jelly on my stamper has gotten really sticky.

💖 This can be caused by wiping the jelly with a solvent, nail polish remover, acetone, etc. I cannot emphasize enough that you should NEVER WIPE YOUR CLEAR JELLY WITH ANYTHING. It is easily cleaned off using our sticky pad. If you must clean it with something else then soap and water only. Wiping your jelly with acetone, etc will destroy it.
💖 Your jelly can also become very sticky due to climate issues. If you are somewhere where it is very hot & humid, this will cause your jelly to break down quicker. Try and store it in a cool, air tight container when you're not using it.

I hope that you have found some or all of this information useful. We want not more than for you to love and enjoy your Authentic Clear Jelly Stamper products! If you are struggling, please don't get frustrated and give up. We have a lot of CjS users, Educators, etc that would be more than happy to help you succeed! You can email us at education@clearjellystamper.com or, myself, at carrie@clearjellystamper.com. As the Director of Education, I would LOVE to hear from you. Nothing makes me happier than to see that "A-HA" moment for one of our users. Makes my heart happy 💖

Here at CjS, we hope you and yours are staying safe. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year. Happy Stamping my friends!!