Boo! With Halloween fast approaching, why not add a spooky touch to your nail art? Here’s a few fun, fast, and creepy ideas to add to your manicure this Halloween season.


  • Change your shape
    There’s nothing quite as spooky as long sharp nails. Consider filing your nails into an almond shape and painting them a deep, blood red. Or, opt for acrylic or gels nails and ask for them to be extended and shaped into an almond or stiletto tip.


  • Try glow in the dark
    Halloween is a great time to utilize glow in the dark polish. These polishes usually apply like a cloudy topcoat and dry to a translucent cream colour in the light. Flip the switch and watch your manicure light up. Glow in the dark polishes commonly need to be held up to the light in order to “charge” and be ready to glow in the dark.


  • Maintain traditions
    Nothing screams Halloween quite like black and orange. Try a black and orange Halloween-inspired French manicure, or simply alternate painting your nails these seasonal colours.


  • Get messy
    Embrace your inner horror movie! Paint your nails white and get messy with a red polish to create a blood splatter. Get a little too messy? Use a touch up brush and nail polish remove to clean the edges before you apply your top coat.


  • Stick to simple
    Prefer to keep your nails simple? Paint your nails white and add a spider web or paint them black and add your very own friendly ghost. What’s up, Casper? Or simply add a cute little “boo” as an accent to your manicure.


However you decide to do your nails, we hope you have a fun, spooky, and safe Halloween.