It’s October! The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter, and it’s time for sweaters, boots, blankets, and for us to name a new colour of the month. This October, why not reach for a cool crisp grey?!


 While this cool and reserved colour may be viewed as dull or boring, it’s also commonly seen as sleek, and professional. Darker greys are often thought to be mysterious and elegant, while lighter shades are more illuminating and can be a great neutral for your nails.



Greys, paired with other muted pastels, are set to be trendy this fall. Try blending greys with white and black for a chic marbled look. Or soften your grey manicure with white polka dots or pink accents, like hearts or stripes.


 If you lean towards darker colours, opt for a gun-metal grey with chrome accents, or a grey and black geometric print.


Stay cozy, and enjoy the grey today, before it’s gone tomorrow.