💖CjS Stamping Polish💅🏼

There are a lot of nail stamping polishes out there but are all of them the most beneficial? Are they safe and healthy to use? You're going to want to do your homework when researching what products are best. Price shouldn't be the only deciding factor because sometimes cheap prices can mean poor quality especially when it comes to nail products. I cannot speak for other brands but I can tell you the bonuses and benefits to using Clear Jelly Stamper nail stamping polishes when doing your art work.


The pigmentation in our nail stamping polishes is 4 times of any other brand on the market. This means brighter and clearer images on the nail when stamping. People often ask if you can use regular nail polish when stamping. The answer to that is "maybe"? It will depend on the thickness, pigmentation and drying times of that polish. Most, if not all, nail polish isn't effective in creating crisp, clean designs when stamping. Nail polish is quite a bit thinner so when stamping with it, you might get blurred lines.

Drying time:
Clear Jelly Stamper nail stamping polishes are very quick drying. As soon as you scrape the excess polish and put it on the Big Bling Stamper, it's already dry. You do not have to be quick when applying it to the nail. If it's been on the stamper for a little longer than normal, you simply hold it on the nail a little longer so it will adhere. Once you pull the stamper off, you will be able to touch the image. If you use regular nail polish, it will like look squished or smeared because it's much thinner and doesn't dry as quick.

Clear Jelly Stamper has almost 200 nail stamping polishes to choose from! It comes in 5ml and 10ml sizes. I would recommend 5ml for most of the colors but 10ml in the ones you use more of like #1 More Like 1AM or #2 Jenny's Gonna Love It.

Thickening of the polishes:
As polish sits, it will start to thicken. This is more common for our metallic colors. DON'T throw them out! CjS has now created a Polish Thinner to make those colors last. When you order our thinner, it comes with a plastic dropper. Start by putting 1 drop of the thinner in the bottle and shake it well. Test it to see if it's back to normal. Be careful not to add too much because it will thin out the polish too much and it won't be effective. Remember: 1 drop at a time!

Authentic CjS nail stamping polish is made with safe products for anyone to use. A lot of stamping polishes and/or nail polishes contain the following hazardous chemicals (CjS DOES NOT CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING):

- CAMPHOR: In rare cases, Camphor can cause liver damage when applied to the skin. Nail biters be warned-it's been linked to seizures when ingested.

-CAMPHOR: In rare cases, Camphor can cause liver damage when applied to the skin. Nail biters be warned-it's been linked to seizures when ingested.

-FORMALDEHYDE: A well-known carcinogen that can also cause organ and immune system toxicity. This ingredient must be avoided 100%.

-FORMALDEHYDE RESIN: This formaldehyde derivative may not be as toxic but it's a known allergen and can cause skin irritations as well as eye and lung irritation. We all inhale nail polish fumes when we're applying it.

-TOLUENE: This chemical not only impairs breathing and causes nausea, it's also toxic to the nervous system and can cause developmental damage to a fetus and is linked to malignant lymphoma.

We can say with 100% confidence that our nail stamping polishes do not contain any of the above harmful chemicals. Our customers are our priority and we provide products that are safe to use on themselves, others and children. If a company has nothing to hide, they will gladly provide you with the ingredients used in their products. I would be very leery to purchase products from a company that won't.

Our nail stamping polishes contain the following ingredients:
*Ingredients: Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid / Neopentyl Glycol / Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Benzophenone-1. May contain: Mica, Silica, Silver, Tin Oxide, CI 15850, CI 15880, CI 19140, CI 60725, CI 77000, CI 77491, CI 77510, CI77266, CI77891

We are proud to serve our customers with respect and love. Keep checking our website for new products because we are always evolving and growing to serve you better. If you have ideas, suggestions or products you'd like to see, please message us. We would love to hear from you.

Keep creating wonderful designs with our products and make sure to TAG us on your pictures on Instagram so that we see them. We will share them on our IG as well. Hope everyone is staying safe. Happy Stamping My Friends!!