Christmas Nail Design Gift Ideas for Every Nail Addict

We’ve compiled a list of next level nail art gift ideas for the Christmas nail design addict on your Christmas shopping list.


Christmas is a time of giving thoughtful, from-the-heart gifts while spending time with all of your favourite people. One of the biggest joys on Christmas morning is watching as they open the gifts (with their beautiful Christmas nail design inspired fingertips) you so lovingly chose to get them. It’s almost better than opening your own gifts. To make sure your gift giving skills are on point this year, take a look at our list of gifts approved by the trendy nail art addicts in your life.


  1. The Big Bling Boxed Kit

The Big Bling Boxed Kit is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys decorating their fingertips with beautiful intricate designs. The box includes everything you need to create a stunning, stamped masterpiece! Complete with a Clear Jelly nail stamper, polish, scraper and limited edition stamping plate, the nail art enthusiast in your life will be able to master the art of nail stamping by New Years Eve.


  1. Stamping Plates

One thing you need to understand about an avid nail stamper is that they can never have enough stamping plates. Selecting a plate or two to gift this holiday season can be a little overwhelming when faced with an abundance of choices. Stay focused! Chose a stamping plate that not only appeals to you, but also has a relatable story to it. Like that time you and your bestie decided to meet up for a quick cup of joe and ended up spending hours catching up instead. Select a plate that reminds you of that day.


  1. Nail Art Accessories

If you watched as your friend laboured over her super cute holiday nail designs for way too long, pick up some nail art accessories to help her out next time. When you have the right tools, creating nail art becomes much easier. We personally love the Clear Jelly Stamper Silicone Brush Set. These handy nail art brushes are so versatile and can be used for almost anything nail related. Trust us, the nail art-aholic on your list will love them.


  1. The Perfect Polish

The absolute most important part of creating Christmas nail design artwork on your fingertips is having the right arsenal of nail polish. Without nail polish, there would be no nail art. If you’re looking for a foolproof gift idea for the nail stamper on your Christmas list this holiday season, give the gift of perfect polish.


Now that you’ve got your wish list covered, read our previous post to check out some of our favourite Christmas nail design ideas: Christmas Nail Art Designs: This Year’s Hottest Trends.


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for the nail art lover on your Christmas list this year, check out Clear Jelly Stampers. Besides offering cutting-edge nail stampers, we also offer a huge assortment of stamping plates, polish, and accessories to round out those nail art kits.