10 Must-Have Professional Nail Art Kit Accessories

For the DIY Diva, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the hottest accessories to stock up your professional nail art kit with.


Changing your nail colour as frequently as your underwear is the mark of a true nail art-aholic. For trendsetting designs, every nail addict knows that an arsenal of tips, tricks, and tools can get the job done. For next level nail art, add these 10 must-have accessories to your professional nail art kit.


  1. A Polish Corrector Pen

For absolutely flawless-looking nails, keep one of these little beauties within reach. Regardless of how well you apply your polish, these pens will clean up even the sloppiest paint jobs.


  1. Nail Striping Tape

These rolls of tape are so simple and easy to use. This must-have nail art accessory is totally versatile. Keep it on before applying topcoat, or remove it after applying polish for seamless lines every time.


  1. Dotter Nail Design Tools

These handy little tools create dots and circles in seconds. For patterned perfection, be sure to keep this tool in your arsenal at all times.


  1. Rhinestones

Use rhinestones to add some bling for special events. Want something classy? Reach for the pearl-like stones. Headed to a fun Friday night party? Go for glam rhinestones that glimmer.


  1. Nail Art Stamping Plates

If you love coordinating your nails to your outfit, your day, or your personality, nail stamping plates are perfect. From snowflakes to mermaids, the options are endless. No kit can be considered complete without these.


  1. “The Staples” 

Make sure your nail art arsenal contains the classics: red, black, sheer pink, and white. Besides being the classic go-to colours for almost any event, they’re also the most commonly used when creating nail art.


  1. Matte Topcoat

For a finish that’s non-glossy and non-ugly, apply a matte topcoat. Besides being super trendy, a matte topcoat can also mask any polish or design flaws while still looking chic and mod.


  1. All the Glitter

Besides glitter polish, keep a stash of loose glitter in your professional nail art kit too. To avoid the limitations of glitter polish, use the loose glitter to enhance your nail art designs, turn a boring polish into a stunning shimmery polish, and create a little sparkle in your reign on fingernail style.


  1. Nifty Nail Brushes 

A decent set of brushes can make a big difference when getting creative with your nail art. These beautifying brushes can be used for cleaning up polish mishaps, freehand designs, stripes and lines, and applying loose glitter. 


  1. Transfer Foils 

Make waves in the nail art community with totally trendy transfer foils. Don’t worry about perfecting this technique. This hot accessory looks the best when imperfectly applied.


Now that you know exactly which tools you need for flawless nails, check out these helpful hacks in our previous post: Nail Art Tools: Easy Nail Art Application Hacks.



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